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Crasto Winery

Like all the great wineries of Douro, the origins of Crasto Crasto can be traced back to ancient times. "Crasto" is derived from the Latin word "castrum", meaning "Roman Fortress".

The earliest existing production history of the Krasto Manor can be traced back to 1615, when Minister of State Marquez Bloomberg ordered the use of a two-meter-high stone monument to mark the royal tribute brewing area. In 1756, Douro became the world's first designated wine region.

From 1758 to 1761, 335 blocks of 0.3 meters long, 0.2 meters wide and 2 meters high were built in the territory. In the 1940s, the monument marking the Krasto Manor was protected by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.

Crasto Crasto is ideally located on the right bank of the Douro River in the Duro demarcation area between Regua and Pinhao, covering 130 hectares, 70% of which are used to grow vines.

In order to follow the balance between land and environment, we are constantly looking for the perfect combination of vineyards and the environment. The beauty of Crasto Crasto and the environment of the Douro Valley are in harmony with its unique local flora and fauna. It is also the essence of the Crasto brand's ecological heritage.

The Roquette family has always been focused on providing long-term and consistently reliable and reliable brands for their customers and partners around the world.

The quality of Crasto wines has been highly praised by domestic and international experts and is highly sought after by Portuguese and international visitors.