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     Beijing Furun Hongchen Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. It is a subsidiary of FRHC Group. It is a professional foreign trade company mainly engaged in import and export trade. Its business includes international trade, entrepot trade, Sino-foreign joint venture trade and cooperation. Production and so on.

With the tenet of “Serving the people's table, enjoying safe food and serving a healthy life”, the company has established the Portuguese business department, which specializes in Portuguese organic, green and pure natural beverages and foods, mainly based on weak alkaline water, natural gas soaking water and wine. With meals, such as zero-added cheese, Iberian Montenegro pig ham and so on.

In terms of wine, Portugal still maintains more than 250 kinds of native grape varieties, and the unique soil and climatic conditions, combined with the careful brewing of local high-level blenders, make Portugal produce a unique and unique wine in the world. It not only retains the European classic old world flavor, but also has a very high cost performance: the ordinary group can enjoy the same quality of French Bordeaux, Burgundy and other famous brands at the mid-range price.

The company currently works directly with five well-known wineries in Portugal: the Royal Abbey, the Alcobaca Cherry Wine Estate, the Fule Valley Estate in the Upper Douro Valley, the Verretta Hermelida Manor and the Divini Winery. The main imported products meet the high, medium and low consumption levels, while matching different types of foods with their different characteristics: seafood and aquatic products, meat, sweets, etc., and also imported according to the Chinese drinking customs. Cheers, drink-free products that don't need to be hanged before drinking, and are not easy to get on after drinking.

All products are directly imported from the original packaging of the original bottle, EU certification, complete inspection, exclusive agency, brand management. Really achieved a layer of selection, safety and security, quality and quantity. Therefore, the company has also become a leading company in the northern region with “good products and good reputation” and mainly operating Portuguese products.